Capital's overriding goal is to make the process of recovering tax overpayments easy and cost-effective for our clients.

In dealing with Capital, you can expect:

Experienced, informed professionals

Our consultants have professional accounting designations, experience as government sales tax auditors and corporate tax recovery specialists.

They also have ready access to the latest information on Canadian tax legislation through Capital's in-house tax library. In addition, they participate in the major seminars and conferences on changes in tax laws and their interpretation, as well as consulting with government tax officials on an ongoing-basis.

Respect for your decision

While Capital believes it can make a positive contribution to your bottom line, we do not use pressure sales tactics. As a proud member of the Better Business Bureau, Capital Commodity Tax Consultants believes strongly in the importance of ethical business practices. Therefore, we will ask for the opportunity to explain our services and then let you decide.

Value your time and resources

We know you don't like having your time wasted, neither do we. If our initial review of your records shows that a refund is unlikely, we'll tell you and be on our way at no charge to you.

If a review is in order, after an initial briefing we'll work independently leaving your staff to concentrate on their own responsibilities.

Work on a contingency basis

Capital will not bill you at all until you have received the refund payments that result from our audit. Our fee of 33.3% of any tax refunds we achieve on your behalf is among the most competitive in the industry.

Cover all the bases

We don't limit ourselves to one type of tax. We review all your tax records. This includes GST, HST, PST, QST, E.H.T., and E.l. premiums. Over 68% of the time, we find refunds in the non-PST tax categories that some consultants do not analyze.

Follow through to completion
Should we find there is an opportunity to recover overpaid taxes, Capital will prepare and submit all claims, and deal with the relevant governments on all matters relating to the claims. Where tax issues are ambiguous, Capital will obtain written rulings for you from the appropriate government bodies.
Counsel on in-house handling of tax recovery
Capital will provide a complete briefing on the results of our review, and advise on how tax recovery can be dealt with easily in-house on a going-forward basis.
Provide absolute confidentiality
Capital has a strict confidentiality policy which forms part of our written agreement with clients.  All information about your organization to which we are given access during the course of our work will be treated as confidential. We feel about your internal information the way we do about our own so it’s no one else’s business.